Diversity and Inclusion. The meaning of inclusion is to consciously employ cultural competence so that the substantive equality can be achieved. Here it should be noted that diversity and inclusion are not the same. Diversity means that people of different kinds of communities gather in quantity for some specific kind of social environment like that of law firms, law school or legal department. Diversity helps to increase the quantity of different kinds of communities which thrive the social environment. Like a law office consisting of so many employees hailing from different kind of backgrounds on the basis of religion, race, caste , sex but it will not be considered of substantive equality because the people from the disability section are here the rationalized groups or non-dominant people or marginalized people who are being discriminated in their official work environment. But inclusion is completely different from that of substantive equality as it gives the opportunities to each and every aspect of the individual without pointing out his/her religion, race caste or sex or where he comes from etc. So, it is in fact necessary that Canada Immigration Lawyers should try to examine deeply such kind of concepts and start giving preferences to the marginalised groups that the rich class. It is rather advisable that the Canada Immigration Lawyers try to implement practices like that of equality and cultural diversity. Client service with quality. It means that the client service should be of utmost importance by giving the client quality work at the respective point of time. Inclusion means that all the clients should treated equally and in a fair manner without causing any discrimination at all. High number of diversified Canada Immigration Lawyers will help in to ensure good quality legal practise and understanding it thoroughly as to how the different communities are affected by the law and gathering a vast area of legal perspective that can effectively be represented in the law. Such kinds of diversified Canada Immigration Lawyers help the client gathering of different communities because it will incorporate different kinds values, modes of social interactions, practice styles and other forms of knowledge. This makes the Canada Immigration Lawyers to oblige so that they can exercise their skills in order to protect the people and promote public interest which will lead to realization of their rights effectively in this democratic society. Cultural competence and inclusive service of the clients go hand in hand as they create effective communication and trust. But it should be extended in encompassing many kind of general practices that shape lawyer client relationship. Inclusive client service includes making physically accessible premises, taking into consideration the needs of the clients or the wants of the clients, getting the staff fully trained in manner as to how to work, communicate with the client, also ensuring meals as a part of gesture and taking into consideration diet restrictions, and also to look for easy accessible accommodation which is the nearby place where the meeting is going to be held. In order to ensure the best practise, it vital that the lawyer adhere himself to the comfortability of the client like that speaking in common language, making the premises accessible which will be a huge benefit to the client. One practise that should be taken into consideration is to know whether the client is fully settled in respect to accommodations and it should be done by the lawyer in a proactive manner and can deliver his services appropriately. Such kind of gestures creates an awareness in the mind of the client that the lawyer is very proactive and takes care of each and every aspect of the clients needs which increases the points of the lawyer itself. Some other types of client service may include using diagrams and flow charts to make the difficult things understand easier, schedule the meetings in such a manner that do not hamper the health of the clients, not conducting any meetings on the day of any religious gatherings or events or any of the religious holidays for clients, adjust deadlines in providing the services as per the ease of the client etc. Also, keeping a check on the client’s accommodation periodically to make the clients comfortable as it is the utmost duty of the lawyer to make efforts and provide other service which is lawyer is under the jurisdiction to ensure of.